Reduce Your Weight through Yoga Postures

Overweight is a cause for many problems includes heart disease, joint pain, snoring, diabetic etc., If you keep weight under the specific level, you can enjoy your life free from diseases. In this article I have explained about yoga postures that can help you to reduce your weight.

Do you know the yogic postures that can reduce your weight?

Asanas (postures) are effective in controlling your body weight. The following asanas play an important role in reducing your weight.

Sarvangasana or the Shoulder Stand

Sarva means all and anga means body. So, sarvangasana means the whole body posture. Do you know why is this asana holds such kind of meaning?. Because, this pose helps to the whole body. Let us see how dose it happen. This asana is performed by raising both of your legs upward and standing on your shoulders. You can take support from your hands too. As the legs are kept up you can experience a lot of physiological changes in your body.

While raising your legs, you can feel tightness in your abdominal muscles. This can make your abdominal muscles get controlled. Their muscle tone is kept well maintained. The abdominal recti muscles are working hard in this asana. Thus, your abdomen comes to normal shape. This action on your abdomen can reflect on your digestive system too. You will get relieved from constipation if you are suffering. Your digestion and absorption power increases. Sarvangasana also helps to tune the muscle tone of your leg muscles. Overall, sarvangasana helps a lot in controlling your weight and achieving complete health.

Bhujangasana the Cobra Pose

Like sarvangasana, the cobra posture is also effective in bringing down your body weight. You need to lie down on your abdomen and arch your back with the support of your hands. Your palms should rest on the floor. You may feel a positive pressure in your abdomen. This posture stretches your abdominal muscles. There is a contraction on your back muscles also. This posture helps for balance in endocrine secretion.

Salabhasana the Locust Pose

Locust pose is also practiced in prone position. You need to raise your legs one by one then both the legs together. This pose supports to tighten your leg muscles and abdominal muscles too. If you are suffering with constipation this pose relieves it.

Dhanurasana the Bow Pose

Dhanur means bow. This posture looks like a bow. It is also performed in prone pose. You need to hold both of your legs and raise them upwards. A great backward stretch is found in this asana. You need to make your body into bow shape. This pose almost bends your body to a great extent. The muscles in your legs, hands, chest, abdomen and back are stretched and relaxed. So, the fat in your body will be reduced through this asana. The abdominal muscles are controlled very effectively in this pose.

Mayurasana the Peacock Pose

Peacock pose is a powerful technique in yoga. This pose contracts your abdominal muscles to its maximum extent. But, you should take care while doing it as you need more strength in your abdomen and hands. You will rest all your weight on your wrist joints in this asana. The abdominal recti muscles get into normal tone.

Mayurasana is practiced in sitting. While sitting, rest your palms on the ground and rest your abdomen on your elbows. Adjust yourself in such a way that you are able to balance your entire body weight on your palms. It requires hard training and patience. Take care of your wrist joints and hands.

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