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The First Anniversary Takes the Cake

Your first anniversary is the definitely the sweetest. After all, it's about cuddling up with your sweetie, reflecting on the first year of wedded bliss and eating your wedding cake?!

Yes, it's true: the sometimes strange traditions surrounding weddings do not end when you hang the "do not disturb" sign on the hotel room door. One year later, those random rituals are still haunting you - in this case, it's been haunting you daily, every time you reach in the freezer for the pint of Chubby Hubby.

So where did this crazy custom come from, you ask? It originated in the nineteenth century, when part of the cake was saved for the christening of the couple's first child. Over the years the tradition has evolved to where it is today: the top tier of the wedding cake is saved for the couple to eat on their first anniversary.

Of course, not all couples follow this tradition - and, in fact, many of the country's top bakeries suggest you don't. After all, no matter how well you freeze the cake, by the time your anniversary rolls around it's still going to be a defrosted one-year-old cake.

Katrina Rozelle of the well-known Katrina Rozelle Pastries in the San Francisco Bay Area acknowledges it's a nice tradition - in theory. "Most likely, the bride and groom won't get a chance to enjoy their cake on their wedding day - other than that ritual first bite, of course," she says.

But instead of saving the cake for a full year, Rozelle tells newlyweds to "preserve the cake until you get back from your honeymoon. Then you can enjoy it as a romantic evening for the just two of you, or share it with your family."

Many couples, having seen the "Seinfeld" episode where Elaine pilfers a piece of the cake served at the 1937 wedding of the Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson, call the bakery and have a small cake made just for the occasion

For those couples who do want to save their cake for their first anniversary, Rozelle says the key to success is actually in the freezer. "A deep freezer is best, one that doesn't cycle on and off. You want a freezer that will stay at one good, cold temperature the whole time," she says.

To prepare your cake for the deep freeze, Rozelle gives the following instructions: "first take all the adornments, like fresh and hand-made flowers, off the cake. Then put it back in the box and freeze it overnight." The next day, she says, you should wrap it securely in Saran Wrap, not tinfoil. (Although tinfoil is OK for the final wrapping, it's important to use Saran Wrap for the first layer, as it will seal in the moisture of the cake). Rozelle recommends placing the snugly wrapped cake on a Tupperware lid (it will serve as a firm base for the cake) and fitting the Tupperware container over the cake. Lastly, she says, "mark it!" After all, you wouldn't want someone to flip the container over or toss it out.

That would really take the cake.

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The Wedding Cake ! The groom is usually more then willing to help with this task

Make sure you shop around for this baker. The wedding cake is a part of the day and you want it to look good.Try to know about how many guests will be attending to ensure that there is enough for all the guest. Some brides and grooms may not care for cake but want the traditional picture cutting.

In today?s fast pace world they make a fake cake out of styro-foam that has an area precut to make it look real. Then you may serve whatever you want such as cheesecake. Here are some questions you may want to use when interviewing your bake

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Always ask the baker to figure out how much cake you will need. Can you have different flavors in different layers of the cake?

Does the Baker specialize in any design or size?
Is everything included in the price? Such as tiers, champagne glasses that
may be used for tiers, flowers,
and any other accessories discussed?
How many events do they have for that day? Are they going to be rushed
when delivering?
Do they deliver and setup?
Do they come and pick up items that need to be returned to them?
Do they offer a cake cutting service?
What kind of frosting chooses do you have? (smooth, creamy, whipped)

What flavor do you want?
Here is a list of what is out in the baking world:

Wedding Cake flavors

Marble White
Chocolate Strawberry
Spice Carrot
Lemon Chocolate mousse
Vanilla Double Chocolate
Raspberry Banana
Fruitcake Cheesecake
Chiffon Orange

You could have fillings in cake

Custard Coffee
Strawberry Vanilla
Lemon Butter Cream

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