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You have set the date, time and place set for your anticipated Wedding ceremony. Things brings in the stages to announce your wedding to all of your friends and family.

In the modern age of technologies Wedding Website have been the brides and grooms first choice of letting friends and family know the specialist of the days events...

That's when your wedding invitations are needed. You can order invitations at some bridal stores, printing companies, or even online. You need to have an idea about how many guests you will be having this will matter on cost when ordering.

Remember it's your wedding pick an invitation that represents you and your future spouse.

There are many different printing methods. Here are some examples.

When have a small wedding in a garden or in your back yard. You may want to do hand written invitations. The are inexpensive and personal. Make sure you use a higher-grade pen when writing them. You can look for beautiful stationary that may be used for that would some how tie into the wedding

If you are having a bigger wedding but are on a tight budget think about using that great computer you own. With the best ink and the right paper you can make wedding invitations come to life. Make sure you have enough ink and invitations.

Thermograph is the most popular printing method for wedding invitations. It is less expensive then engraving and most people can't tell the difference.

Thermograph is a heat process. Wet ink and resin powder are fused together on the paper to create a raising letter effect. The print is shiny and the letters cannot be felt from the back.

This is a budget saving secret that you'll find works great.


Laser printing is an inexpensive form of printing in which the ink lies flat on the paper. It's okay but it's not the highest quality. This definitely is not for a formal invitation.

Embossing isn't technically a printing process. It does press dimensional designs, text, borders, and artwork in to the paper. It is beautifully done but it is not a budget friendly idea. If you do decide to do this you may want to pick out just one design to cut costs.

Engraving is known as the most formal invitations that can be printed. Engraving is centuries old printing process in which the text is cut into the surface of a copper or brass plate. Ink is then applied to the metal surface, which is then, wiped clean leaving ink inside the impressions.Paper is laid on the die and a big press forces the paper into the cavities of the die, creating A raised letter effect. Unless you have hit the lottery or your parents are paying for it this is probably not in your budget. The beauty of it will pull you in but the cost of it will pull you back to reality.

Always make sure that you and someone else have proof read a sample of the invitation before it is printed on all the invitations. They need to be ordered at least 3 months before the wedding giving you ample time to send them out at the six weeks point. If you feel overwhelmed always remember that's why you have bridesmaids. It will give them a chance to help and to introduce themselves to each other before the big day.


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