Fall wedding theme idea

As the crisp air of autumn settles in and the colors of fall fill the trees, it seems the perfect time to plan for the wedding of your dreams. From the brilliant fall colors to the rich luxurious fabrics to the hearty and heartwarming foods, autumn is a season made for romance and celebrations. Use the bounty of the harvest and the colors of nature to help you create your dream fall wedding.

Choosing colors for your fall wedding may not be as easy at it seems because of the many colors that make this season so gorgeous! You may want to incorporate a palate of autumn colors, like gold, burnt orange, deep red, yellow, rust, and chocolate brown. You can concentrate on your favorite fall color and carry out your theme with a range of colors in that shade. Orange, for example, can be seen in the deepest tones of burnt orange to the palest shade of peach. Your bridesmaids can each choose from one of the many fall colors to wear on your special day, or you can choose one of your favorites, and then give each a bouquet in a complementary fall color. You can even think of rich, jewel tones like deep purple, emerald green, and burgundy and still be setting a fall mood. The limit is as broad as your imagination when it comes to colors!

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Your gown choices are not limited to long sleeved, high necked options to keep covered up for the season. Strapless and sleeveless gowns are more than appropriate choices for fall, and you can choose lush, elegant fabrics like taffeta, brocade, and heavier satins. Consider dresses that feature a bodice trim in an autumn color or maybe one that has gold embellishments. Add satin bows or sashes in chocolate brown or emerald green, or stray off the beaten path with a gown in a color other than white.

For the men in your wedding party, you will find tuxedo accessories in every shade you would want, from the rich, deep reds to the brightest sunflower yellows. Maybe switch from the traditional white tuxedo shirt to a shirt and matching tie in beautiful burnt orange.

In finding the right setting for your fall wedding, consider heading into the country, where the leaves will be at their peak color and your guests can truly appreciate the season. Look for cozy country inns and bed and breakfast inns that host weddings, or a rustic lodge with a big, stone fireplace. Seek out old churches with wooden bell towers, or even barns, orchards or vineyards.

Use the things at hand during the fall to dress up your location, no matter where it is. Pumpkins, corn stalks, Indian corn, and sunflowers are all perfect decorations for a fall themed wedding. You will also find silk leaves, both in garland form and individually that can be used to frame doorways and decorate tables. Carve Jack-o-lanterns if your fall wedding falls near Halloween or set cornucopias filled with apples or gourds on your tables for a Thanksgiving theme. Cluster candles together to give your room a warm, inviting feel to it, and use fall fruits like apples, pomegranates and pears in crystal bowls as centerpieces or in making wreaths and garlands.

Your guests will expect hearty foods for an autumn wedding, and you can do that with an elaborate buffet, a served sit down meal, or even a family style meal. Think of rich soups, like pumpkin bisque or potato soup, served in a small hollowed out pumpkin. Add things like cranberries, pears and walnuts to a salad to give them a fall flavor. Consider doing a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, or a family style roast beef dinner, complete with home style mashed potatoes and roasted fall vegetables. Opt for a rich chocolate cake or a spice cake for your wedding cake, or serve pumpkin tartlets topped with whipped cream and cinnamon. And make sure the bar is stocked with apple cider and eggnog!

Fall wedding favors can include mementos of the location, such as a bottle of wine from the vineyard locale or a dipped and decorated caramel apple from the orchard setting you might choose. Pre-packaged and personalized mulling spices will keep the fond memories of your hot apple cider fresh in their minds as they make it at home, or maybe a perfect pear from “the perfect pair”. Other tasty favors include apple cider doughnuts or jars of honey with personalized labels.

The thing to keep in mind for an autumn wedding is to bring the boldness and brilliance of the season to your affair. Fall is the time when families start thinking of coming together, eating around the same table, cozying up to the fireplace and sharing stories. You can create the warm feelings the season brings at your wedding with an eye for rich color and an imagination that runs wild.

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