Festive Decorations

Depending on where you choose to have your wedding ceremony and reception, decorations may comprise a large part of your total wedding budget.

By no means should the importance of decorating be underestimated. Even the most elaborate ceremony and reception sites can use a bit of decoration to create a festive atmosphere for your wedding. This is no ordinary event, so why settle for everyday decorations?

Flowers can do a lot to create a joyful mood, but the floral decorations you choose can be enhanced by other decorations as well. Balloons, tents, canopies, candles, and many other items can be included to create any kind of look you wish.

The first step is to decide what kind of theme you want to create. If nothing particular springs to mind (such as Victorian, medieval, country, etc.), look at the items you've already chosen. Are there any similarities in detail that you can see?


For example, if you love roses you can use them in all the floral arrangements, but you can also create a theme by using them elsewhere. Sew satin roses on your gown; incorporate them (whether fresh or frosting) into the decorations on your cake. Look for lace in a rose pattern to use as table runners or even your aisle runner.

You can also choose a theme by some of your favorite pastimes or activities. What is your favorite hobby, sport, style of music? You and your fiance can come up with a lot of ideas just by doing a little brainstorming.

Say, for example, you and your fiance are jazz enthusiasts. Try to create a Jazz Age theme by choosing attire that matches the period. Hire a jazz band to play at the reception, and select decorations that will create an art deco look.

...choose a theme by some of your favorite pastimes or activities... You don't have to go to extremes. Some people prefer to simply establish a mood and put the finishing touches on their celebration. No matter what kind of atmosphere you desire, you can produce it by hiring a good decorator.

Lots of items are available to put the finishing touches on your ceremony. For example, think about making the site more festive with pew decorations, bows and streamers, and an aisle runner. Children in the wedding party look adorable carrying flower girl baskets and ring bearer pillows.

If you are planning a Jewish ceremony you may want to get a decorated bag to hold the glass broken during the ceremony. Chuppahs and wedding canopies are lovely additions to any ceremony, and they can be as creative as your imagination allows.

Candles are another favorite at weddings, partly for the warm mood they create. In particular, the unity candle ceremony is very popular, because it's an easy and inexpensive way to personalize your wedding.



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