A Christmas Themed Wedding

As it is festive season you have to sensibly select your wedding invitation card. You should make sure that it is not mistaken for a Christmas greeting card. The Christmas wedding invitations have to be sent early. So that you can give your family and friends more time for making required arrangements. You can follow these tips for making your invitation card more apt for the occasion.

  • You can use photograph of the couple in the invitation card. It can give a personal touch. It will also minimize the probability of your invitation being mistaken as a Christmas greeting card.
  • If you have chosen for a folded invitation card, the theme of wedding can be expressed on the cover page. Let the theme of Christmas placed in the inner fold of the card.
  • In customized cards, you can use the borders to exhibit the mood of Christmas. The border can be of winter flowers, small bells and Santa’s cap. The middle section can reflect the glamour of wedding. You can use golden color for the engravings on the card.
  • You can make the envelope attractive by using some bright colors, by attaching trinkets like ribbon made flower or small bells to the card. You must use thick hand made /parchment paper for the envelope.

How to select your Christmas wedding cake?

The wedding cake is an important feature of your wedding. It has to be chosen with care. You can follow these tips while choosing your wedding cake.

  • The cake size should be in harmony with the size of the venue. If your wedding is intimate with a few relatives and friends then you can chose a medium or small sized cake.
  • The cake’s flavor must have a common appeal. Vanilla or chocolate may offer the basic flavor. It can be enriched with ingredients such as almonds and some other dry fruits.
  • The taste of the cake should not be compromised at the cost of decoration.

What is the suitable attire for the occasion?

The bridesmaids can be dressed in long dresses with caplets or shrugs and a big faux fur muff. You can also dress them in your wedding colors. Your wedding dress has to be perfect to handle the chill of winter. Brides can choose thick fabrics such as velvet, brocade or satin for their wedding dresses. The grooms can dress themselves in heavy waistcoats. You can have a wedding gown with a unique look of embroidered sequins or beads.

What are the flowers and decors that are specially represent the xmas holiday?

The flowers that are apt for the occasion are Poinsettia, Holly, Evergreen and Baby's Breath and of course large white tiger lilies actually and flowers that are white and red can work for your xmas theme. For an elegant and romantic look, you can use mirrored platter with sprigs of holly and pillar candles. You can buy ornaments in bulk through on-line. You can create centerpieces of bowls of ornaments. You can place pots of poinsettia with a ribbon in the center of every table. You can also use fake snow products. In the middle of snow, you can set small flower arrangements or candles. You can hire a snowmaking machine for making your Christmas wedding a wonderland of winter.

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