Toast with a flare of originality

Public speaking can be fun especially you already know everyone there at the wedding and they are your good friends so only be grateful that they asked you to say something.. This is a great opportunity to be the best friend and hold honor and make them proud of you , if its a beach wedding talk about how wonderful it was to have the wedding outside.

Before the Wedding

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Before the actual wedding day you will want to spend a little time thinking about your speech. This is a very individual sport so to speak and what you do with your time is really up to you. You are the only one that knows how you work and so take that into consideration. For some people writing the speech out is helpful. For others it might just be rehearsing in front of the mirror or in the car on your way to work. Wherever you learn best and are the most creative. So find your optimal state and time for learning an creative thoughts and dedicated a little bit of time over the span of a few days to plan out your speech in whatever form work for you.

Things To Think About

Sometimes its best just to wait for the last moment and trust your gut on what to say.. Some thing that you might want to include in your speech could be: Poem
what you feel love is like
a blessing
a joke
a personal tale about the couple
At The Wedding

Don't Drink - It is fine to drink after your speech and have a great time and enjoy yourself. However no one wants to hear a big long winded drunk guy spot off about marriage in a drunken slur. So save your drinking until after the speech is made.

Get Their Attention - When the time come to make you speech stand up and gently tap on your glass with a fork. You might want to practice this before hand because you want to hit the glass hard enough for everyone to hear but it would be really embarrassing to break the glass. After you do this be patient and wait. One of the worst things you can do is get upset and try to yell over everyone to get their attention. Just stand patiently and people will quite down

Try and make it creative but Short-This is to somewhat true but if you have a great story go ahead and tell it , with flare and some fun and plus always nice. Leave the your friends asking more question and wanting more.

Focus On The Love of the couple Couple - The wedding day about them only not what you and your friends think....its a the special day for the lovers .So i say keep your talking always focused on the bride

Finish With the tale of a great laugh and with a punch - Give a nice ending and then praise your the couple of all their honor and wonderful tales and add a toast to them


He’s finally popped the question and of course you said yes. Now the work starts. Your wedding plans must begin right away.Have Splendid Dreams about Wedding Themes your personal idea maker

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