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  • How to choose the right location for your bride and groom
  • Tips on how to pick flowers and decorations that reflect the spirit of the location
  • Scheduling: timeline for planning a destination wedding
  • Guests: everything you need to know from when to send the “save the date” card to planning memorable activities throughout the weekend
  • Passport and International Regulations: key facts every bride, groom and guest should know or know how to find
  • Disaster 101: how to prepare for rain, wind, hurricane, or other potential disasters
  • How to save your client’s money wherever you can — without being ridiculous
  • How to plan your client’s wedding from afar — they don’t have to live in Mexico to get married there!
  • Better Homes and Gardens simply creative wedding gifts page.

    Tropical colorful flowers for weddings in Hawaii that are exotic bring a thematic
    island style, flowers such as

    MADRAS and Asian LILY

    New Jersey Bride wedding Magazine for 2005

African Wedding theme article In no other type of wedding celebration is family more important than it is in a traditional African wedding.  The unity of a bride and groom in the African tradition is really a uniting of two families, or historically, the joining of two tribes.  Planning a traditional African wedding is the perfect way to celebrate your heritage, your love for each other, and the bond you hope your two families will share as a result of your union.

Irish Wedding theme  It was the luck of the Irish the day you found each other, and you want to celebrate your Irish heritage, or your fondness for St. Patrick’s Day, with an Irish theme wedding. You can bring a bit of the auld sod to your special event with some careful planning and a cautious eye for those mischievous leprechauns!

Calming the Heart and Spirit

Chi Gong may be for you
Has planning your wedding been stressful? It is common for people to be stressed out during such a pivotal time in life; dealing with wedding preparations, and establishing life-long commitments with your spouse, and building a family. Simple daily qigong exercise can help calm your heart-mind so that you can smoothly flow through the complicated intricacies of the wedding, and marriage beyond. After all, the wedding is just the beginning of an eternal bond.

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Nautical theme wedding Your love for each other is matched only by your love for the sea. You can share that love with your guests by having a nautical theme wedding, bringing in your favorite aspects of the sea to surround you as you set sail on the sea of matrimony

Garden theme wedding  He has brought sunshine to your life, and your love continues to blossom and grow with each passing day. Invite your guests to celebrate this budding romance with a garden theme wedding! The best season to pull off a stunning garden wedding would be spring or early summer. The flowers are in bloom, and you have beautiful, lush green landscaping just about everywhere. You can have the wedding right in your own backyard, or look for a traditional English style garden, a horticultural center, or a country estate home with exquisite gardens to host your event. While an outdoor wedding is always beautiful, you might want to consider renting tents to use for shelter in the event of a bit of liquid sunshine falling during your festivities.

Country theme wedding You were raised on country sunshine. You’re happy with the simple things. And now you’re getting married! You want to show the world how a country girl celebrates her happy day in the tradition of the old Saturday night dance, with flair!

Angel Theme Wedding Your love affair has been absolute heaven on earth, so why not celebrate with an angel theme wedding? The sweet faced cherubs bring to mind Cupid, romance, and love, and would be the perfect way to celebrate your special day.
When planning your angel theme wedding, you want to bring in things that conjure up images of all things ethereal. Light colored, billowy fabrics, twinkle lights, and gold accents would be a great way to set the mood. Bring in Greek columns, and use twinkle lights and ivy to entwine the columns to frame areas of your reception – the couple’s table, the cake table, the dance floor. The fabrics should be light, soft to the touch, and draped so they give a lush but soft appearance.

Fall wedding theme idea : As the crisp air of autumn settles in and the colors of fall fill the trees, it seems the perfect time to plan for the wedding of your dreams. From the brilliant fall colors to the rich luxurious fabrics to the hearty and heartwarming foods, autumn is a season made for romance and celebrations. Use the bounty of the harvest and the colors of nature to help you create your dream fall wedding.

Experience Purity in Your Daisy Theme Wedding
You can find a number of wedding themes and there are many flowers to choose for your wedding,
but personally I have great opinion and love for daisy flower theme wedding. The daisy means
great love, innocence, purity and transparency. Even God is referred with the name of pure daisy.
Our unique wedding gifts spotted in Instyle Magazine!Daisies are considered with value from very ancient time. Marriage is a spiritual union.
 So, the meaning of daisy flower has something to do with your married life showing a new path.
I write in this article about the method, how you can celebrate your wedding day using daisy flowers

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Pacific Weddings
 It is a big social even to arrange a traditional wedding in region of Samoa.
After a traditional Christian wedding ritual, the merriment actually begins at
the reception,New Jersey Bride Wedding Gifts Editors Pick for '05
 which is usually held outside in the open amidst the beauty of the excellent
climate and atmosphere
that prevails in the area. Weddings are important, as it is a very special day for the
bride; this is one of the best times in her life. She will be dressed in two wedding gowns, at
this most special occasion. She wears the first dress in the ceremony while the other dress is worn at
the reception.
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What are theme weddings? It's time to plan one of the most important events in your life. Your wedding. Your thoughts are focused on what kind of event you want. Everything from the choice of wedding music to the availability of wedding locations swirls through your mind. What colors to use? Should you consider a wedding consulting firm? Relax, you've come to the right place. Theme weddings can give direction to your plans. Your theme can be traditional, whimsical, ethnic or a multitude of other possibilities. You may incorporate a few theme ideas into your ceremony or go "All Out" for maximum effect.

Very Formal

Typically held in a house of worship or luxury hotel
Two hundred or more guests
Engraved invitations with traditional typeface and wording
Bride and groom each have between four and twelve attendants
Bride wears a gown with a cathedral-length train and veil
Bridesmaids wear floor-length dresses or gowns
Groom and male attendants and guests wear formal attire (white tie and coattails for evening)
Elaborate sit-down dinner, usually held in a ballroom
Orchestra or live band
Cascade bouquets and elaborate floral displays
Limousines or antique cars

Typically held in a house of worship or luxury hotel
One hundred or more guests
Engraved or printed invitations with traditional wording
Bride and groom each have between three and six attendants
Bride wears a gown with a chapel-length or sweeping train and veil
Bridesmaids wear floor-length dresses or gowns
Groom and male attendants and guests wear formal attire (black tie for evening)
Sit-down dinner or buffet, usually held in a ballroom, banquet facility, or private club
Live band or disc jockey
Medium-size bouquets and floral displays
Limousines, antique cars, or horse-drawn carriages

Typically held in a house of worship, private home, outdoors, or other locations
Fewer than one hundred guests
Printed invitations with traditional or personalized wording
Bride and groom each have between one and three attendants
Bride wears a floor- or cocktail-length gown with a fingertip veil or hat
Bridesmaids wear floor- or cocktail-length dresses or gowns
Groom and male attendants wear suits and ties
Reception including a simple meal or light refreshments usually held at ceremony location
Live band or disc jockey
Small bouquet for the bride, simple flower arrangements for decorations


Hawaii Exotic Flora's   Plumerias  Orchids

Tropical colorful flowers for weddings in Hawaii that are exotic bring a thematic
island style, flowers such as
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Daytime ceremony often held at home or in a judge's chambers
Fewer than fifty guests
Printed or hand-written invitations with personalized wording
Bride and groom each have one attendant
Bride wears a suit or cocktail-length dress with no veil or train
Maid of honor wears a street-length dress
Groom and best man wear suits and ties
Reception including a simple meal or light refreshments usually held at home or in a restaurant
Corsage or small bouquet for the bride, simple flower arrangements for decorations


On your wedding day, you want to sparkle. You've seen the natural glow of brides, and always wondered how they achieved that special beauty. While much of it comes from just being a bride, there are many additional things you can do to help yourself attain that healthy, radiant look.A solid regimen of skin, hair, and nail care is the best way to build that "bride-beautiful" appearance. By enhancing your natural good looks, you will lay the foundation upon which you can add the extra details that make a bride an individual. Good skin care requires adherence to a comprehensive plan at least two months prior to your wedding date. First, choose a gentle skin cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type (dry, oily, or combination). 

When you're reading a bridal magazine, it's easy to get swept up in the images of elegant black tie weddings at cathedrals and posh hotels. But don't let yourself fall into the trap of thinking "the bigger, the better." Fancy is fine, but your wedding should be a reflection of your personality. So although you may be eager to view banquet halls and try on wedding gowns, determining your wedding style now will be time well spent. Also, by knowing what very formal, formal, semi-formal and informal mean to the pros in the wedding business, you'll be able to communicate better with your service providers.

Fun & Games at the Rehearsal Dinner

The bride wants perfect. The folks want seconds. And you're caught in the middle. So what do you do? Better get a plan.

Break The Ice But Don't Fall Through
The rehearsal dinner, traditionally given by the groom's parents, should give you and your fiance a chance to unwind before the big day. This is "the party before the party," where the people closest to you come together without the fuss and solemnity of the real thing.

So why the sour face and the twiddling thumbs? Well, you say, there's her side and my side and a lot of dead air in between. Some cheap advice: a little icebreaker will go a long way.

False Teeth
Give your guests something to play with and they'll entertain themselves. June and Richard Thorne set some gag hillbilly teeth on the napkins at their son's rehearsal dinner. It was their first meeting with the bride's friends and family, and they wanted to set the tone for fun. After a couple of clumsy introductions, some cagey small talk into a regular hullabaloo.

Roast 'Em
Sally and Mike Breuner placed a bell on every plate with a note that said, 'ring and do tell.' Guests would shake the bell to quiet the room and then share an embarrassing tale about the bride or groom. A word of warning: this is where that story about the Macon punch and the rented canoe will surface!

There Once Was a Man from Nantucket�
Wayne and Cynthia Lucas began a poem that traveled from person to person, with each guest adding two lines: "John met Jane through a mutual friend. Before him, there were lots of men.�" You get the picture.

Ancient History
Ralph and Jennifer Diggs had chocolate bars made with childhood photos of their son and daughter-in-law printed on the wrappers. Cute, right? Try it with pork rinds. The wrappers listed the couples' time and place of birth, their measurements and star sign, their favorite toy and first Halloween costume.

With a few cheap props and the tab on pops, you can bring a little wing-ding to the darkest meat lair. Who knows� you might get the priest to loosen his collar.

What Every Couple Needs to Know Before Marriage
While many engaged couples talk about how they'll spend the rest of their lives together, they neglect to talk about how they'll spend their money. Don't be shy about discussing this with your fiancé - the truth of the matter is, you should talk about it. "From a legal perspective it is essential that couples discuss finances before getting married," says attorney Carol Elias Zolla of the Beck Law Firm in San Jose, California.

"I have many clients who have joint accounts but have a 'feeling' that some of it came from an inheritance or was earned before marriage and so they think that it belongs to them. With a few exceptions, once separate and community property assets are combined, they are considered community property and are owned half by each spouse," Zolla explains.

"In California (and every other community property state), it makes a big difference whether you combine accounts or separate them," Zolla says. "Salaries earned during marriage are community property (unless there is an agreement to the contrary in a pre- or post-nuptial agreement)."

"So, if you combine a separate property account from money earned or inherited prior to marriage with deposits from salary earned during marriage (even if it's just salary earned by the one spouse), the account becomes community property." If a couple were to get divorced, it may be possible for them to determine the source of the funds, through "tracing" the assets. Once the assets are traced the spouses may be able to recover their separate property contributions. "However," Zolla stresses, "tracing becomes extremely difficult if the account is used for joint purchases or grows in value over time." The couple should plan on keeping their bank records forever if they intend to rely on the tracing method.

In other words: Kathy has $40,000 in a savings account. $30,000 of it came to her when her father died two years ago; the other $10,000 is what she has saved bit by bit over the years she's been working. When she and Bill get married, they decide to put $1,000 ($500 from Kathy's paycheck and $500 from Bill's) into this savings account each month. Even after just one month - when Bill has contributed only $500 to the account - the account would become community property and he would be legally entitled to half (in this case, $20,500), unless the couple had all the paperwork necessary to trace the source of the funds.

Because of this, Zolla recommends that even if the husband and wife already have separate checking or investment accounts, they should still open new accounts when they get married. "Newlyweds also should consider how to hold title to their real estate," she adds. "It makes a difference for inheritance and capital gains purposes."

In short, Zolla urges engaged couples to discuss financial matters before the wedding. But even if your wedding has come and gone, it's still a good idea to sit down with your husband or wife and figure out what's best for you. "Couples should not wait until their first joint income tax return to think about these issues, especially if they have been working before marriage and have substantial assets (or substantial debts) for the issue of filing taxes jointly or separately to make a difference."

Of course, Zolla also recommends that couples obtain legal advice by a competent attorney in their own state to explore all of the property issues related to their marriage.


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